Multicultural Day

On Friday 6 December our SLA ran another hugely successful Multicultural Day. This year, due to poor weather, we had to make some changes and run the cultural stalls in the hall, but this added to the atmosphere and did nothing to take away from the festivities, celebrations and enjoyment of the day.

We have such a wonderful, inclusive school and our Multicultural Day is a special annual event, that we all look forward to, and each year it just gets bigger and better. This year we had a special visit from our Director, Educational Leadership, Mr Kem Rakiposki, who was very impressed with the way our school community came together to celebrate the diversity of culture that makes up our school.

The day was a fantastic, festive and fun-filled occasion led by our SLA team, and their co-ordinators Ms Forsyth and Ms Garbutt, and many others.  Teachers and students worked together and ran a variety of cultural stalls, food stalls and supervised activities that were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Year 7 and 8 students had the opportunity to participate in the cultural activities during periods 3 and 4 and the entire school joined in at lunch-time. A highlight of the day was the outstanding and moving performance of the Haka by a group of enthusiastic and proud students from years 7-10. Thank you, Ms Siuhengalu and Mr Ellis who worked with these students.

All activities were so well received and appreciated by all, and filled with much  interest and laughter:

  • Yoga: Ms Heath along with Jasmine Soeradi helped others learn about yoga and had many give it a go.
  • Friendship Bracelets: Ms Foreshew along with Grace Fradd, Taylor Napier and Emili Pavlovic taught many how to create beautiful friendship bracelets that were worn with pride.
  • Aboriginal Painting: Mr Lloyd, Ms Blackburn along with Holly Parfitt and Lucas Clancy shared their passion of Aboriginal Art and Culture and helped students and staff create their own Aboriginal artwork.
  • Drumming: Mr Haas along with Maya Simmons and Laura Cox taught others about playing the bongo drums and had many participate and create some very cool rhythms.
  • Flower head dresses and Maori tattoos: Ms Siuhengalu along with Laila Ross and Martina Ruzinov helped others learn about and gain a new appreciation for Polynesian weaving and Maori tattoos.
  • Flag Painting: Ms Smith along with James Napier, Jordan Xeras and Harrison Tse involved many in the creation of flags from across the world.
  • My Ancestry: Mrs Edwards along with 7G students produced a large world map where many individual students and staff could mark their heritage.
  • Japenese Stall: Mr Fang and Mr Vamvakaris ran our Japanese stall along with Gokul Banicevic,  Penelope Russell, Lily Tucker-Kealey, Charlotte Mai, Bonnie Summers, Jewel Redmond, Matilda Baker and Freya Hayes. At this stall, students not only experimented with the intricate and beautiful art of origami but got to taste delicious Japanese fish-shaped cakes filled with chocolate using a special Japanese grill. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed these dessert treats after their lunch options of Souvlaki, Sausage or Vietnamese Rolls.
  • Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls:  Ms Le, along with Ava Gubbin, Lara Tassel, Caitlin Gbbs and Claudia Lovell made delicious rice paper rolls that proved to be a very popular lunch option.
  • BBQ: Mr Reynolds, Mrs Hristodoulou, Ms White and their student team did an amazing job cooking the chicken and lamb souvlaki and sausages on the BBQ. The food options were well appreciated and perfectly complemented the cultural activities of the day.

Our Multicultural Day was a wonderful celebration for all, an authentic and inclusive way of promoting, appreciating and learning about different cultures. Many thanks to Ms Forsyth, Ms Garbutt, Mr Liley and our SLA team for their co-ordination of such a huge and important event involving so many.

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