Preparing for a Successful HSC year

Key Points

  • Support programs have begun that ensure all students enjoy a successful completion of their HSC year.
  • Teachers planning and leading students through HSC projects and performances as part of their HSC assessment and requirements in and out of school.
  • Teachers building on successes in delivery through COVID-19 to provide quality tasks leading to the preparation of the trials HSC and the Higher School Certificate in October.
  • Post Year 12 pathways planning recommenced for all students including guidance with University, TAFE and the workforce.

The lockdown during COVID-19 may have been a disruption to Year 12 study but overwhelmingly, the experience has brought about opportunities and determination at school among both students and teachers. Meeting with teachers and working alongside other students is without question the most beneficial way for students to learn and prepare for the HSC, but the use of online platforms to share learning and set online tasks that provide feedback to students is proving valuable towards their preparation for the Trials and Higher School Certificate. Regular online tasks across all senior courses is a quality way to maintain high expectations, ensure that continued diligent approach to study and help prepare students for the final summative assessment that the NSW system has in place.

Some students are also undertaking performance and practical courses and continuity of those in not accessing the teacher, equipment or other students, did place concern and stress on these students. Each of our teachers have considered a range of options to provide support to our students considering the progress of each individual. The teachers are passionate about their students’ progress and performance and each have plans in place that will support their projects with advice and time, inside and outside school across course areas.

Planning for next year is crucial in setting that goal to work towards. Gymea has always focused on seeing all students through to the HSC and achieving the best credential possible for each student. With graduation, we would also like to see each student with a post secondary school pathway, whether that be into the workforce, apprenticeships and further training or University. Every student deserves the best opportunity possible. With that, we will be summarising the approach for each child as we work with towards plan and will communicate this plan home. The START program (Students Taste A Range of Trades) will recommence in Term 3 that will allow our students to taste, through short work placements, a number of vocational areas to help them decide on directions in 2021, prepare for the workforce and even for some, find that employment or trade. Mrs Hristoldoulou and Mr Liley have both been a strong support in getting these directions moving.

It is an important year for Year 12 and their families. Our collective communication and support will help bring about the best opportunities for them. Look out for newsletters and emails with worthwhile information. If there are questions or concerns about progress and preparedness in this important year for your child, please contact either Mr Marsh, Mrs Kay or Ms Osborne.



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