Student Half Yearly Reports

Key Points

  • Half Yearly student reports were distributed to Years 7-10 on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 June.
  • Half Yearly Reports were different due to disruption and different mandated requirements of NSW Department of Education

After the disruption of the COVID lockdown, students at Gymea received their Half Yearly Reports on 9 and 10 June. These semester reports were different from the normal reports as the scheduled program of assessment could not be followed and teachers looked at a variety of ways to gain a snap shot of student performance.  The Department of Education had also mandated changes that were to be applied to this reporting period.

The marks provided across courses were a mix of tasks students had completed prior to and after the remote learning period.  Course work that was completed during Remote Learning contributed to the indicators of learning and engagement along with student work prior to and after the remote learning period. Teachers developed a series of comments that provided a concise description of how the student approached their learning, what they could do to improve with their learning and what they could focus on to see greater success with assessments.

For Semester 2, students will return to the advertised schedule of assessments for their Courses. These schedules are available on the school website under ‘learning ‘ under the relevant year group.


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