Supporting Students in their HSC year

Key points

  • Year 12 prepare for their Trial HSC in week five and take advantage of the online formative tasks their teachers are setting in preparation for these exams.
  • Teachers have been working with students on their project and performance tasks.
  • Support for senior students extends beyond the school with academic and well-being resources being produced for year 12 students.

This year has been a year like no other as Year 12 students continue to prepare for their HSC. More so than ever, particularly due to the disruption this year, it is important that students are supported in this journey.

In all courses, students have been given weekly formative tasks to further develop their skills, knowledge and exam practice leading up to the Trial Examinations.

There are a number of HSC courses that require the completion of a major project or folio such as Industrial Technology Multimedia, Society and Culture and Visual Arts. There are others that have a practical component such as Dance and Music. To assist students as they work towards the completion of these major tasks, additional tutorials, performance practice, advice and workshops have been made available. Teachers will continue to support their students as they head towards the completion of these tasks in the coming weeks.

Individualised additional support for Year 12 has also been delivered through a number of discussions and mentoring sessions with teachers and Executive staff. This has assisted students to navigate their completion of tasks, competing priorities and address concerns they may have. As always, our students have positively engaged with every opportunity and have appreciated the time and expertise being offered to them.

Year 12 Working on Mathematics

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