Big Ideas in Science ANSTO Competition

Key Points

  • Congratulations to Tahlia M and Alexe U of Year 10 on their submission to the 2020 ANSTO Big Ideas competition.
  • The girls have been working tirelessly through their lunch times to develop and create their ‘Anemone Micro-Fish’.
Tahlia and Alexe 2

Over the last three months, Tahlia M and Alexe U of Year 10 have been working tirelessly through their lunch times to develop and create a big idea as part of ANSTO’s 2020 Big Idea Competition.

The ANSTO Big Idea competition encourages students to creatively communicate the work of Australian scientists and to explain how their work has inspired the students to come up with a big idea to make our world a better place. The competition is aimed at students in years 7 – 10 and encourages them to pursue future careers in STEM.

The girls jointly came up with the ‘Anemone Micro-Fish’. The robotic fish is designed to remove polymers (plastics are composed of very large molecules called polymers) from our rivers, waterways and lakes before they end up in our oceans. The robotic fish moves according to the current and uses solar energy to mimic a fish’s normal movements. Within the robotic fish is a spongy material which will store plastic eating bacteria that will break down the polymer. The robotic fish also has a double-carbon filter to remove any excess junk that becomes trapped within the fish. The fish will be monitored through a GPS system (we are hoping we can develop some type of app) and its filter replaced every month. The idea is to reduce plastics in our oceans and protect our endangered marine life.

Thank you to Mr Ellis for helping the girls with the making of the 3D prototype and to Mrs Kalergis and Mrs Suliman for their ongoing support of the girls and their initiative over the last couple of months. Congratulations to Tahlia and Alexe. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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