Peer Leading

Key Points

  • A group of 32 Year 9 students have been leading our Year 7 2021 students through a range of transition activities this term.
  • Our Peer Leaders have demonstrated compassionate leadership of our newest members of the school, leading them through their online transition as well as here at school during Head Start to High School and Orientation Day.
Year 9 Peer Leading
Year 9 Peer Leading

Each year, our Year 9 students have the opportunity to participate in our Peer Leading program. The program allows our Year 9 students to develop skills in leadership as well as provides a friendly, caring face with whom our newest members of our school community can feel comfortable and confident to seek support from.

With the challenges of this year, we were gearing up to try to transition our Year 7 2021 students completely virtually. As such, our transition programs along with our Peer Leading program were adapted to bring our school online and into a virtual world for our Year 7 2021 students.

With the assistance of our Year Advising team, our Peer Leaders have been leading small groups through our online transition program, Gymea Connect, where they have been asking their new peers questions to assist them in learning about each other and getting ready for high school.

The Department easing restrictions for students earlier this term enabled us to run our in school Head Start to High School lessons, which gave our Year 9 Peer Leaders an opportunity to begin meeting the students they had been leading online face to face. They guided them to their groups, listened to their excitement and encouraged them to get involved in the in school lessons. These connections were evident during last Tuesday’s Orientation Day, where so many of our Peer Leaders already knew names and faces of many of our Year 7 2021 students, making them feel at home already.

Our Year 9 Peer Leaders have risen to every adaptation of our Peer Leading program we produced this term, displaying caring and compassionate leadership of our newest members of the school. Congratulations to our Year 9 Peer Leaders!

Year 9 Peer Leading
Year 9 Peer Leading
Year 9 Peer Leading
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