Wellbeing Production

Key Points:

  • As part of our student wellbeing and anti-bullying program, all students in years 7 and 10 participated in a Brainstorm drama production called “Cyberia”.

  • All friendships go through ups and downs but there are things everyone can do to help and look after each other. This live performance explored relevant friendship and social media issues faced by young people and helpful ways to deal with this if it happens.  

An important aspect of our school’s student wellbeing program is to immerse students in a variety of wellbeing initiatives and activities that cultivate those positive and respectful peer relationships that are so crucial for building students’ resilience and sense of connection and happiness at school.

On Tuesday 16 March, all students from years 7 and 10 participated in a drama production called “Cyberia”. This was a dynamic, humorous, engaging yet meaningful live performance that explored relevant issues and challenges faced by students around friendships, social media, self-esteem and peer pressure. The material was well thought out and was presented in a sensitive yet humorous way that resonated with our students who were captivated for the entire performance.  

By connecting students with these important issues in this engaging way, students gained a deeper awareness of the importance of respect, resilience, empathy and real friendship. Key messages about how words and actions can impact on others were reinforced as was the message that everyone has an important role in helping and supporting eachother.  

We are very proud of our students who were excellent representatives of our school through their excellent and respectful behaviour throughout the entire performance. Well done Years 7 and 10 and a huge thank you to Ms Foreshew and our year advising team for making this possible. 

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