Anzac Day 2021

Key Points

  • Our annual Anzac Day ceremony was able to go ahead this year, seeing our school community pause at 11 am on Friday to remember all of those who have served for us. 
  • The ceremony was led by our Captains, Prefects and Principal Mr Marsh, accompanied by performances from three of our talented vocalists Mya S, Elise M and Krystal K.
  • Watch highlights from the ceremony below.

Gymea THS paused at 11 am on Friday for our annual Anzac Day ceremony. The events of COVID in 2020 restricted the way that we commemorated ANZAC day last year and we felt very lucky to be able to come together at our service this year. A freedom that due to COVID, will not be experienced by all nations around the globe. A freedom that our ANZACs from all walks of life, culture and community gave their personal and selfless sacrifice to in the many wars and campaigns of this last century.

This ceremony is an important tradition for us at Gymea, allowing our students to show their respect for those who have given such personal sacrifices for others, and speak about their stories to ensure they are remembered. 

The cenotaph and the rosemary hedge lining both it and our front fence was constructed by Gymea students a number of years ago to allow us to continue to commemorate in a solemn and personal way. 

The ceremony, led by our Captains and Prefects saw  performances by our vocalists, Mya S, Elise M and Krystal K added a personal touch this year as they opened the ceremony with a touching rendition of “Note to a Solider”. Mr Marsh gave the address to our students and spoke about the spirit of ANZAC, with its human qualities of courage, mateship, and sacrifice that continues to have meaning and relevance for our sense of who we are and who we continue to aspire to be. Relevance for us as a school and for each of us as individuals. Those qualities that were spoken about the soldiers at Gallipoli are now proudly qualities we value in each other today.

Thank you to all of our staff and students for the respectful way we continue to commemorate those who have served for us. Lest We Forget.  

2021 Anzac Day
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