Key Points

  • NAPLAN begins for all Year 7 and 9 students on Wednesday 12 May until Friday 14 May.
  • Students will be completing their Reading, Writing, Conventions of Language and Numeracy tests online in our Technology Centre.
  • The timetable is attached below.
  • Students are also encouraged to bring a set of wired headphones to assist them with the online testing.

This year, our Year 7 and 9 students will be completing their NAPLAN assessments online. To ensure the consistency of the testing environment, the tests will be run through our Technology Centre and Library computing spaces using our desktop computers. Each test requires students to login to a locked-down browser with their own unique login that will be provided to them on testing day. 

Student’s are advised to bring with them a pen or pencil and a set of wired headphones to assist them on testing day. Those student’s who are unable to bring headphones will be provided with a set on testing day. Student’s do not need a calculator for the Numeracy exam. One will be provided on the screen for those questions that are calculator allowed.

The assessment table is attached below. If you have any questions, please ring the English Head Teacher, Mrs Petrevski or Maths Head Teacher, Mr Reynolds.

2021 NAPLAN Timetable

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