Congratulations Year 12 HSC

We are proud of the achievements of our 2019 Higher School Certificate students in this years HSC and for their determination working towards their long-term goals.

There are many personal stories of success opportunities that now lay in front of our graduating Year 12. Some notable achievements in results:

• 85% of students applying for early entry into university were successful, including the University of Wollongong, Macquarie University and Notre Dame University. University offers through UAC that will see our students accepting courses into the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales and the University of Technology Sydney.
• Positive ATARS achieved across the year group with a highest 2019 ATAR of 94.
• 72 student results in the top two bands.

Congratulations to students and teachers in the following courses who demonstrated consistent performance at HSC level this year. These results have remained above New South Wales state average. Within this are performances in the high achievement range that are also above New South Wales state averages.

• Ancient History
• Business Studies
• English Advanced
• English Extension 1
• Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)
• Industrial Technology
• Information Processes and Technology
• Legal Studies
• Mathematics Standard 2
• Music 1
• Society and Culture
• VET IDT (Web and Software Applications)

Special mention to our technology courses.

Congratulations to our accelerated Year 10 students enrolled in the Information Processes and Technology course who and all gained outstanding results in the High Achievement range. This is an outstanding effort to perform at this high level, above state average, while still in Year 10.

Our Information and Digital Technologies Vocational HSC course and our Industrial Technology Multimedia course also achieved results well above NSW state average. The quality of technology available at this school, the enthusiasm and commitment of our students and the high level of skills of our technology teachers, has enabled this wonderful result.

Students at Gymea are supported to gain their HSC credential. There are many successes across all performance areas, most notably the top performance bands, allowing all students to meet the requirements for the HSC credential. Media league tables are based on very limited information and unfortunately skew the reality of performance within schools. We are always focused on helping every child succeed in a pathway that they aspire to and though most students will head off to university, the successes of students reaching their personal pathway goal is the most important marker of success.

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  • Open Boys Basketball Years 11-12
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  • 2020 School Swimming Carnival 7-12
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  • English 8E Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 8
  • English 8Y, 8A Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 8
  • English 9Y, 9E Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 9
  • English 9M, 9A Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 9
  • Technology Mandatory A 8TEA.2 and 8TEA.3 Task 1:Digital Citizenship Quiz 8
  • English 8G, 8M Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 8
  • Year 7 Vaccinations 7
  • English 9G Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 9
  • Technology Mandatory A 8TEA.1 Task 1:Digital Citizenship Quiz 8
  • Technology Mandatory A 7TEA.4, 7TEA.5, 7TEA.6 and 7TEA.7 Task 1:Digital Citizenship Quiz 7
  • Brainstorm - Cyberia Yrs 7/8
  • Mathematics Extension 2 Task 2:Investigation Task 12
  • Science Task 1:Year 9 Skills Task 9
  • Ecosystems at Risk Fieldwork @Bate Bay - Cronulla 12
  • Evacuation Drill Whole School
  • Mathematics Extension 1 Task 2:Investigation Task 12
  • Music 1 10MUS1 Task 1:Performing 10
  • Technology 7 Task 1:7TEB3 Moodle Test 7
  • School Photos 7-12