Applying for 2022 Year 7

Applying for our specialised Gifted and Talented programs.

Placements are open to ‘out of area’ and local enrolment students

Enrolling at Gymea

If you are out of the Gymea Technology High School drawing area, you are invited to:

Apply for an out of area placement by the end of Week 10 Term 1, 1st April 2021.

To make an application:

Step 1
Step 3

Include any supporting materials such as test results, NAPLAN results, literacy & numeracy competitions, school reports, information about your child’s achievements and their primary school portfolio.

The enrolment committee at Gymea reviews all enrolment applications. You may be invited to attend an interview with the school to discuss the application and provide an opportunity for us to meet your family and to get to know your child.

For successful applicants, we will arrange for the transfer of your child’s details and the process begins for a successful transition to high school as we begin our successful Head Start to High School program.

Our Gifted and Talented Program Information sessions provide our community with details about how our program caters for our high potential students and the application process.

Academic Selective Class

Academic Selective Class

Our academic selective classes provide high potential students the opportunity to extend and accelerate their learning.

Our program provides an Academic Selected Class in years 7 and 8 and a selective stream in years 9 and 10 that cater specifically for the needs of our high potential and gifted students. It also provides the opportunity to accelerate into Stage 6 Mathematics Advanced in year 10. 

Talented Technology Program

Talented Technology Class

Our Talented Technology Program is aimed at students with a passion in technology who are looking to further develop their skills.

Our Talented Technology Program allows our year 7 and 8 students to develop their individual talents and interests in technology through a girls and boys stream, as well as the opportunity to accelerate into Stage 6 Technology in years 9 and 10.

Inclusion into into our Academic Selective Class and our Talented Technology Program in year 7 is based on an application and a portfolio of student accomplishments. You can find out more by following the link below.

School Enrolment Policy

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Integrated technology, developing all students as confident learners through an engaging curriculum.

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Engaging all students in positive growth and individualised success in all areas of school life.