School Overview

Gymea Technology High School is a co-educational, comprehensive high school with a focus on 21st century teaching and learning. Opportunities in and outside the classroom inspire students to engage in their learning and strive for personal success.

Learning in this digital age that inspires collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and effective communication is the approach that underpins the direction in teaching and learning at Gymea.

Our students do some amazing things that allows them to grow both socially and academically and they are supported by quality programs to enjoy school life.

Our school is situated in the approximate geographical centre of the Sutherland Shire in Southern Sydney. It Is set in spacious and picturesque surroundings which enhances the positive and safe learning and social environment of the school. The school is well served by public transport with regular bus services to most areas and a train station, just minutes walk away.

The school is supported by a strong parent community through the P & C Association. Parents see the school as being readily accessible, supportive, a friendly and safe place for their children.

Other features of Gymea Technology High School include:

  • A strong and growing reputation for academic success.
  • Digital technologies integral to learning across all areas of the curriculum.
  • Learning environments that support 21st century learning success.
  • A wide curriculum choice integrating academic and vocational pathways.
  • A specialised Computing faculty to cater for a wide range of student interests and talents.
  • A strong performing arts faculty with dance, drama, vocal and band groups performing on a regular basis at school events through to state festivals and schools spectacular.
  • Students participating in debating and public speaking throughout the Sydney Region.
  • A community supported uniform policy.
  • An active and informed Student Leadership Assembly with a wide range of leadership programs and opportunities on offer for years 7 through to 12.
  • A wide variety of sporting activities, including the full range of NSW CHS sporting opportunities.
  • Vocational programs that provide exploration and credentialing for pathways after school.
  • A training coffee shop allowing students to gain a barista qualification while studying.



Upcoming Events

February 2020

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Sharks Respect Presentation Yrs 7 & 8
  • UOW Discovery Day 12
  • P&C Meeting
  • Yr 12 HSC & Pathways Evening 12
  • OnStage Drama Excursion 12
  • Callback 2019 - Dance 12
  • Hospitality Cluster D Due 12
  • English Year 9 Task 1:Research Task 9
  • English 10G Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 10
  • English 10Y, 10E, 10A Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 10
  • English 10M Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 10
  • Open Boys Basketball Years 11-12
  • English 7M, 7E Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 7
  • English 7G, 7Y Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 7
  • English 7A Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 7
  • 2020 School Swimming Carnival 7-12
  • Mathematics Standard Task 2:Investigation Task 12
  • Mathematics Advanced Task 2:Investigation Task 12
  • English 8E Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 8
  • English 8Y, 8A Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 8
  • English 9Y, 9E Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 9
  • English 9M, 9A Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 9
  • Technology Mandatory A 8TEA.2 and 8TEA.3 Task 1:Digital Citizenship Quiz 8
  • English 8G, 8M Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 8
  • Year 7 Vaccinations 7
  • English 9G Task 1:Diagnostic Writing Task 9
  • Technology Mandatory A 8TEA.1 Task 1:Digital Citizenship Quiz 8
  • Technology Mandatory A 7TEA.4, 7TEA.5, 7TEA.6 and 7TEA.7 Task 1:Digital Citizenship Quiz 7
  • Brainstorm - Cyberia Yrs 7/8
  • Mathematics Extension 2 Task 2:Investigation Task 12
  • Science Task 1:Year 9 Skills Task 9
  • Ecosystems at Risk Fieldwork @Bate Bay - Cronulla 12
  • Evacuation Drill Whole School
  • Mathematics Extension 1 Task 2:Investigation Task 12
  • Music 1 10MUS1 Task 1:Performing 10
  • Technology 7 Task 1:7TEB3 Moodle Test 7
  • School Photos 7-12